Your Organization seeking financial assistance for implementation of its business idea is required to prepare a Project Report covering certain important aspects of the project as detailed below:

  • 1- Promoters background/experience.
  • 2- Product with capacity to be built up and processes involved
  • 3- Project location
  • 4- Cost of the Project and Means of financing thereof
  • 5- Availability of utilities
  • 6- Technical arrangements
  • 7- Market Prospects and Selling arrangements
  • 8- Environmental aspects
  • 9- Profitability projections and Cash flows for the entire repayment period of financial assistance

Information in detail is required about the technical process, requirements of plant and machinery, raw materials, manpower requirement, market information and statutory representations (like pollution control and public safety) etc. The details of power and water tariff, land/shed/building and selling prices etc. needs to be collected as prevalent in the market.